Eldar Khamitov’s Streets in “Heat”

Here in the electric dusk your naked lover

tips the glass high and the ice cubes fall against her teeth.

It’s beautiful Susan, her hair sticky with gin,

Our Lady of Wet Glass-Rings on the Album Cover,

streaming with hatred in the heat

as the record falls and the snake-band chords begin

to break like terrible news from the Rolling Stones,

and such a last light—full of spheres and zones.


              you’re just an erotic hallucination,

just so much feverishly produced kazoo music,

are you serious?—this large oven impersonating night,

this exhaustion mutilated to resemble passion,

the bogus moon of tenderness and magic

you hold out to each prisoner like a cup of light?


Eldalieee (Eldar Khamitov) is an American visual artist and street photographer who was born on January 24, 1985, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and is currently based in New York City.The focus of Eldar’s work is narrative through candid images of people in the streets on New York City and all over the world. He defines his goal as “capturing mood in each scene or portrayed character, and creating a timeless story that has no connection to a specific period of time.” The main subjects of his photography are people in candid moments of oblivion or, very often, senior citizens who, by their appearances only, have already many stories to tell. Eldar is the founder of Timeless Streets Collective of international photographers, which features the best work of fellow artists through social media, connecting talents around the world. His inspirations in photography are Vivian Maier, Harry Gruyeart, Guy Bourdin, Diane Arbus and Danny Lyon.

The poem, “Heat”, by Denis Johnson is extracted from the Poetry Foundation site.