Market Intelligence by Rudy Descas

HUNGARY. Budapest. Szechenyi thermal baths. 1997.

Martin Parr, Budapest, Szechenyi thermal baths, 1997. Source:

“So this Senator’s son runs a corporate training development and implementation business—they create slick interactive slideshows, the kind that large corporations force their workers to watch at their desks for a few hours every year, what Human Resources calls mandatory compliance training. And if the workers don’t sit there, watch the slides, and take the little quizzes along the way, the compliance system sends an alert to their boss who’ll be forced to tell them in person, hey, this is mandatory, so, for real, sit down and watch it and take the quizzes or I can’t sign off on your next paycheck. Companies make their workforce do a bunch of these each year, depending on the worker’s role, things like how to avoid fraud, waste, and abuse; how to avoid sexual harassment lawsuits; how to promote diversity in the workplace; how to handle awkward conversations.”

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Julian Gallo: Pieces

Benoit Paillé, from "Rainbow Gatherings". Source:

Benoit Paillé, from “Rainbow Gatherings”. Source:

New York City — The Recent Past

There’s that “something” in the look she is giving you, something in her gaze which tells you that she thinks you’re interesting. You pretend not to notice it, of course, try to maintain your “cool detachment” but you aren’t sure why you’re doing it. You don’t really like to talk about yourself too much but she asked about your writing and writing is, at least to you, essentially the “core” of who you are. How could you not talk about it?

“What do you write? Would I know anything?”

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صلاح باديس يترجم مصطفى بنفوضيل: تصريح بالممتلكات

Gilles Roudière, from

Gilles Roudière, from “What Are These Mountains Dreaming About?”. Source:

مُهداة لنور انجّاي ومهدي بن عيسى ورياض حرتوف ولكل ضحايا الدكتاتورية.
عندي ٤٧ سنة
أذنان كبيرتان
عينان ضعيفتا البصر
لحية ثلاثة أيام
بداية صلع
معطف دودون برتقالي
طفولة صعبة
بلد متعب
وحلم عنيد.

استمر في القراءة

أطفال الضفادع: إله الصنعة

By Frog Child - الفنانون هم قرود الدوله البوروجوازيه

By Frog Child: الفنانون هم قرود الدولة البوروجوازية . طفلة الفراشة

من / في
التي يدمر
بها / فيها
/ الطفل /
زب إله الصنعة –
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