Sujith Nambiar: Mumbai-Doha-Mumbai

A user experience/product designer by trade, I am a self-taught contemporary Indian artist and photographer, actively seeking multi-dimensional conditions and emotions through my photographs. Initially photography was a newfound medium into which to channel my creative energy alongside painting. I have been engaged in street photography since 2013, capturing moments from the streets without any predefined purpose or set agenda.

The experience of interacting with strangers has opened up a new way to seek out untold stories, and I have grown to know many lives closely as a result. Currently I am working on a project to narrate the lives of expatriate workers in the Middle East countries.

The photographs showcased here are taken and edited with an iPhone, showing that equipment is no barrier to narrating stories through photography. More of my work can be seen on Instagram (@sujith.nambiar) and Flickr.

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