Who #Sisi Is In Under 200 Words

Sisi Rayyisi Sisi Rayyisi Sisi Rayyisi Sisi Rayyisi Sisi Rayyisi

Sisi and his supporters are the reason 30 June-3 July took the popular revolt against political Islam in an illiberal direction (though considering the clear and present danger of Islamist war-mongering and terrorism, something to which the neoliberal world order as much as homegrown activists for democracy and human rights remain blind, it is hard to imagine how else things could’ve been done). I do think that, had he made it clear that he was not interested in becoming the leader and kept his position in the army, Egypt’s interminable “transition” might’ve been somewhat smoother. That doesn’t mean he is not what lowest-common-denominator Egypt deserves, and is. The claim that support for Sisi is due to media manipulation is one of many Western fantasies about what’s happening in Egypt. A religious military man, very conservative, very opposed to subversion, let alone violence or (ironically) war, and more or less loyal to the July order that produced him. A strict boss with a somewhat premodern idea of right and wrong, a patriotic sense of community, and plenty of prudence (not to say guile)… Surely that is what Egypt is about.

3 responses to Who #Sisi Is In Under 200 Words

  1. Yosra

    I really think it would be a good idea if you steered clear of political commentary. You’re unlikely to convince anyone other than yourself and a small clique of like-minded illiberals. The events of the last year have clearly had a serious effect on your powers of observation and of reason. You throw around terms such as war-mongering, terrorism and subversion as though they are useful categories, whereas in your hands they are merely common insults. If you really think that Egypt is ‘about’ someone with Sisi’s alleged qualities, then God help you and God help Egypt. Sad. Don’t you actually believe in anything? Like freedom, rights etc?

    • Youssef Rakha – Author

      I’ll do political commentary if I want to, thank you. You have the choice not to read it. But convince people of what? There is no argument there, just a description of what would seem to be pretty obvious. And no insults intended, but if trying to form Egypt’s free army is not war mongering and if slaughtering army conscripts is not terrorism I’m not sure what is. Then again, if people believe the MB was about rights and freedoms or democracy or choice they’re just being idiots, aren’t they. Subversion is good, but no one ever went far enough. I actually think it’s people who won’t face the truth of the values that control life in Egypt that are in a clique, on a virtual and rhetorical plane that has relevance only to themselves, and that’s a place I quite frankly find morally and cognitively repulsive.

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