Mohab Nasr: Please, God, give us books to read

EGYPT. Alexandria. On the ledge of San Stephano beach. 1993.

Harry Gruyaert, Alexandria. On the ledge of San Stephano beach, 1993. Source:


I was a teacher;


I considered that natural.

For this reason I began to bow

to words I did not say;

and to communicate my respects to my children.

I tried to make them understand that it was absolutely necessary

for someone to read,

to review with his parents—

while he hurls his shoe under the bed—

how exhausting and beautiful respect is:

that they have no future without words.

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محمود المنيراوي: أهلاً بشعب


Ulric Collette, “Sailing – Black”. Source:

علّمونا (ويا ليتهم نفخونا) أن نحب بلاداً
لا نراها، أن نصطفَ كأباريق الجوامعِ صباحاً
نقول النشيد بعيونٍ نسيناها في السرير

استمر في القراءة

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