Mohammed El Mazrouie: The angels fly


—You were waiting there,

not parting from the threshold.

Neither night after night

nor morning after morning

could wipe off your eyes the elongated picture of a soul,

of the trunk of a soul.

—Did anyone drink from your mouth

except those mood swings

when the moon takes control of your body’s waters?

—You were smiling,

you were happy,

behaving like a child,

trying to stretch your head

to receive something… from me.


ignored you

as if I couldn’t see you.

I did not want to face your eyes

because your eyes asked a lot of questions.

You run

and (what no one sees)

your feet bump into animals

that scurry from your path.

Half of you is covered in wheat straw

and your soul is naked.

Mohammed El Mazrouie

Translated from Arabic by Youssef Rakha

One response to Mohammed El Mazrouie: The angels fly

  1. REPLY

    but I, a female, did not run –
    your eyes had the answers I wanted
    and I waited –
    in your hands were sheafs of corn
    I longed to rub my flesh with

    I was a hedgehog child
    I could not scurry
    and if your hand
    had stripped me spike by spike
    I would have wrapped you round
    as you had dreamed me
    upon the threshold –

    now unafraid, taking my hand
    gentle, soft
    I hold you as you dreamt …

    maria grech ganado

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