Mariam Ferjani: “Where did we meet before?”

Selfportraits by Mariam Ferjani

Selfportraits by Mariam Ferjani

Shebin and its People: Mini Exhibition by Shereen Muhamed (@cheiroche)

Processed with VSCOcam

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Fake Painting: An iPhoneography Poem

The Angel (Your picture)


Sleep now, as though you’d never in your life occupied a frame,
As though your hands had never set even this picture in a frame,
As though they had not arranged cuttings that float

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Two posters for Egypt and Syria-بوستران لمصر وسوريا

(c) Youssef Rakha, 9-10 October, 2012

Hipstamatic miniature: Behzad’s Yusuf and Zulaikha

واستبقا الباب وقدت قميصه من دبر

Five Hipstamatic images make up Behzad’s 1488 miniature of a Quranic scene


(c) Youssef Rakha



Found Egypt

Best 25 Instagrams and 2 Quotes

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There is no intensity of love or feeling that does not involve the risk of crippling hurt. It is a duty to take this risk, to love and feel without defense or reserve.
Political conflicts are merely surface manifestations. If conflicts arise you may be sure that certain powers intend to keep this conflict under operation since they hope to profit from the situation. To concern yourself with surface political conflicts is to make the mistake of the bull in the ring, you are charging the cloth. That is what politics is for, to teach you the cloth. Just as the bullfighter teaches the bull, teaches him to follow, obey the cloth.
― William S. Burroughs

FOUND EGYPT: Mosaics of the Revolution

(1) A stock portrait of a contemporary woman in niqab is made up of the nude picture of Alia Mahdi, which was called a revolutionary gesture by the subject in November, 2011

(2) A Google Earth image of Tahrir Square and surrounds is made up of a graffito of “the finger”, one of the most popular statements of defiance since January, 2011

(3) A detail of an archival photo of a funerary mural in Thebes is made up of an iconic picture of a protester killed in Tahrir in January, 2011

(4) One of the portraits of Pope Shenouda III used by mourners following his death in March, 2012 is made up of images of casualties of the October 9, 2011 Maspero massacre of Coptic demonstrators (which the Pope is believed to have condoned)

(5) The flag of Egypt, with the eagle replaced by the famous blue bra exposed during the brutal beating by SCAF of one female demonstrator in Tahrir in November, 2011, is made up of images of Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood figures and symbols (along with “honourable citizens“, the “Islamic movement”, then in alliance with SCAF, condoned the suppression of demonstrators)

(6) A Muslim young man, reportedly gay, from a Cairo shanty town who crucified himself on a lamppost in Tahrir in April, 2011 as a gesture of protest is made up of anti-SCAF graffiti

(7) An American passport is made up of images of the hardline Islamist and vociferously anti-American former presidential candidate Hazim Salah Abu Ismail, who was legally disqualified from entering the race due to his mother holding US citizenship

cf/x photo mosaic as well as Adobe Photoshop CS5 were used to make these pictures


“Raisin” and Self-portrait

It was after he got his raisin that Khaled gave me the prostitute’s number.
I imagined a multiple-orgasm lolita dressed to extract hard currency. Sixteen, he said she was. Brace yourself for the three thousandth-degree burns of hellfire. He’s big and hairy, Khaled. When you know him the bulging looks less like flesh than alluvial semen.
Repentance or no, I felt I could trust him.
Raisins grow on the foreheads of the pious, evidencing decades of contact with the ground. You can cheat one into being by intensifying friction. Which is how Khaled got his in a month. He botched it, too – it was higher than it should be, there were extra bits on the nose – but it worked. Since his flat burned down he had been praying too hard, not smoking or drinking, watching out for charred apparitions of his family.
This was my first ever prostitute and she was sixteen all right. But she seemed like one of a million – hijab, small voice and facial acne. It was the bright red swimsuit that eventually summoned an erection. Except, being marriage matter, she taught me how to brush. You skim the surface, drenching pubic hair. Hymens remain intact.
And devoutly kissing the hundred-pound note, she passed it on the spot where Khaled’s raisin was. It disappeared in the swimsuit.
I was grateful she would be out of the house now. Then thinking of Khaled, spent, I felt a sudden compulsion to start working on a raisin of my own.


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إلى مهاب نصر

كل هذه السنين يا صاحبي
وكأننا هنا عن طريق الخطأ
ننتظر حتى تَفرغ الشوارع
لنقود مركبات غير مرخّصة
ونواجه جنود المعابر
بالضحكة الصفراء والنقود
نحلم بأماكن ولو وُجدت
نحن لا ننفع لها يا صاحبي
مضطرين أن نخالط التماثيل
أن نبادلهم حديثهم
أن نندس وسطهم
بأطراف مجمّدة ننظر ولا نرى
وبرؤوس منكّسة في بيوتنا
نعتذر عن ارتياد المحاجر
لنجرّب التكاثر سراً
ونبكي سلالتنا المهدّدة
كل هذه السنين حتى نجرؤ
على إعلان أننا لسنا تماثيل
لنسقط مقطوعين على قواعدهم
ميتين برؤوس مفلطحة
بعيون معصورة كالمحار
بثقوب في عظامنا
كيف يا صاحبي كل هذه السنين
ومازالنا لا نُخرج سوى حشرجة


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أكلة لحوم البشر

ذَكَري على الأرض بين قدميها

بعد يومين – تقول لي، راجية أن لا ألفت إليه انتباه الخادمة – ستكون الخادمة نفسها هنا من جديد. لا، لا، لن تكنس ذكرك. فقط لا يجب أن تراه

فجأة يخرج عِرق نافر من جانب ذكري. كدودة مستميتة يشب على كعبها. يحاول أن يتسلق ساقها.

سيكون هناك أطفال – تُواصِل، وأنا أحاول أن لا أنظر إليه – وزوج هو أبوهم، وأب صار جداً فخوراً، لم لا؟

وكعادة البيت الذي لا أحسني غريباً عليه رغم كل شيء – فكرت – ستصخب الأركان بأشخاص أفهمتني أنهم أصدقاؤها. أنهم بريئون وضروريون. ومثل إخوتها المدعوين إلى وليمة بدأت الخادمة في تجهيزها، لن يدوسوا على ذَكَري. فقط لا يجب أن يروه

لكنني رغماً عني أرى العِرق النافر. كدودة مصممة على الحياة، يتشبث بالكعب. ببطء مميت يحاول أن يتسلق ساقها


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أنحف صديقاتي دائماً ما تشكو
من زيادة الوزن، الأمر الذي يحيرني
حين أفكر في السمينات
لكنني أرجع أتذكر
أنني لا أتعذب في عشق عشيقتي
إلا ليكون عندي حجة مناسبة لهجرها
وأفكر أن الأشياء أقل أهمية
مما تبدو، إذا ما نظرنا إليها
على المدى الطويل
الأمر الذي يهدّئ من روعي قليلاً
فأقول لنفسي إن الدنيا هكذا بالفعل:
النحاف يخافون السمنة
والسمان يحبون الطعام
العشاق لا يتعذبون للأسباب الصحيحة
وكل شيء لا يركب
على كل شيء