Spaceship Living: Abu Dhabi Fair Grounds, Four Years On


Library of Dreams, The National, February, 2009

Just a few short weeks ago, a scene much like the opening of Kafka’s The Trial marked the beginning of the end of my year-long life in Abu Dhabi: Someone must have been telling lies about Youssef R, for without having done anything wrong he was divested of his belongings one fine evening. His Tamil cleaner, who should have been there to oversee the procedure, failed to appear. That was totally unexpected. R was lounging about with two American friends, watching Barack Obama’s inauguration on TV, when two men, having mysteriously arrived at his apartment, found their way straight into the room without knocking or ringing the door bell, which was out of order anyway.

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سموات الريفييرا: ثورة: زهور

السموات الخلابة. المثقلة بآفاقها. كأنها الخلفية الجاهزة للوحة تصور حقول “الميموزا”. والمقننة بالـ”فوتوشوب”. الزاحفة على زجاجة سدادتها جليد. بلا عمود فقري. سموات لـ”وليام ووردزورث” إثر رجوعه من “الباستيل”. وسموات “الحنجرة” القديمة. Continue reading

The Heavenly Jeep


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iPhone art ☯ فن الآيفون

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